Daniel Negreanu Kissing the Bricks

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008


Daniel Negreanu Kissing the Bricks


  1. Mel said:

    PokerStars does NOT want you to win
    If you do they will Revoke your playing privileges.
    My name is Mel. I started playing on line poker about a year ago. In the fall of 2007 I decided to start playing for real money. As most poker players will tell you this can be a very costly period. During the first 6-8month I deposited over $10,000 in various poker sites (mostly PokerStars and Full Tilt) and lost it all. During this period I began to study poker by reading books and on-line articles. Finally, in April of this year the studying began to pay off. I was not longer depositing money into the poker sites but was using my winnings to sustain my play. This was a huge improvement over the painful initiation period but I was still not a money making player. Then I began to improve and started playing in bigger tournaments. I entered the Sunday Million on PokerStars a few times and that is where I made my first big cash. I finished in 146 place and won almost $1500. Then in July I placed 3rd in a large tournament and won almost $3000. In August I placed high and won around $1300. Then on Sept. 4/08 I played in another large tournament and placed 3rd and cashed for almost $4000. As you can see I play a lot. I truly love the game. So if you add up what I have won in the last couple of months you can see that I am getting better. By no means am I as good as I need to be but at least I am not bleeding money to play this game. On Sunday Sept. 7/08 I logged into PokerStars and requested my tournament stats for the last 10 tournaments. I do this occasionally so I can study what happened to allow me to win or lose a tournament. The stats never came to my email like they usually would. I just assumed there was a technical glitch. Then on Monday morning I log into PokerStars at around 7:45am and tried to register for a tournament. I receive a message that my playing privileges have been revoked. Stunned, I log-in again and try to register but again get this message that my privileges have been revoked. I immediately send PokerStars an email asking why this has happened. I get no reply. Until now PokerStars has had exceptional customer service. Most emails that I have sent to them have been replied to within 5-10 min. As the registration cut-off time approached I become more and more anxious and send a few more emails, still no reply. I miss the registration for this tournament and become even more frustrated. The next tournament that I wanted to play in starts at 10am so I figure that I should have this resolved by then. I continued to send emails but received no reply. Again I miss the registration period. Over the course of the day I must have sent 50-100 emails to them and they have not replied to one of them. As I am writing this it has been over 24 hours since my first email and they still have not replied to me. It is unfair that they would revoke privileges from anyone without some form of explanation but that is what they have done. I have no idea why they have done this except that they must have been tracking me and wanted to prevent me from winning. That’s kind of funny because I do not consider myself a very good player. Yes I have improved but I am still a donkey once and a wile. For the record I loved playing on PokerStars. They have the most games and the largest choice. Over the last few months I have played at least 90% of my Poker on PokerStars. I have decided to request a cash out of the $4000 I have in my PokerStars account but they have not replied to that request either. We will see if they pay me out. The amazing thing about this story is that they have all of the power. There is only one way to reach them and that is by email support@pokerstars.com. There is not phone number you can call only one email address. So all I can do is wait.

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