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Daniel Negreanu’s thinking process…

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Daniel Negreanu plays this middle pair to perfection in position against Dan Shack in High Stakes Poker. In this GSN extra video, Daniel explains his thinking processes during this particular hand, and I have to say Daniel explains everything crystal clear… The pre-flop raise, how he interpreted Shack’s hesitation, the reason for his small blind [...]

Daniel Negreanu Kissing the Bricks

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008


Daniel Negreanu’s Weak River Calls

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Went into a discussion with a poker friend of mine. We discussed some of Daniel’s weak calls on the river in various High Stakes Poker seasons, and we pretty much broke it down to these factors: Daniel Negreanu did not want to get bluffed on national television. Daniel flopped a lot of hands, got beaten [...]

Phil Hellmuth & Daniel Negreanu Pot; High Stakes Poker

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Isn’t Phil Hellmuth the one who always lets us know NOT to play the A4os? I mean why does he call the river here?A busted draw? Even the runner clubs got there… I’m not dissing Phil, as Phil usually doesn’t make donkey rivercalls like this… Oh well, Daniel made some money in the hand so [...]

Daniel says: “Don’t bluff me daaawwgg”

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Daniel runs over a hand played on High Stakes Poker season 3, where he played his pocket nines to perfection against Daniel Shak (Q/10). Excellent footage — enjoy!

Daniel Negreanu talking about the bad beat

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

I can see the pain in Danny’s eyes when he talks about a hand that just didn’t make any sense to him (check out the sick cold deck hand between Daniel Negreanu and Gus Hansen right here!)… Daniel sums it up in the end: “That was tough”. That was tough for everyone watching too, Daniel. [...]

Daniel Negreanu’s most famous cold deck situation

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

This hand is probably one of the most talked about hands on the internet. In total, the hand has been viewed over 2 million times on Youtube, and the reason why is dead simple; it’s one of the biggest pots ever to be shown on television, and it’s a prime example of a cold deck [...]